Author NameAnatoly A. Kazantsev
Author Userauto-converted
Author Emailanatoly.kazantsev@gmail.com
SummaryItems can be added to cart, but cannot be checked out until a nominated approver checks the order.
DescriptionAnother useful extension by web-to-print and dynamic imaging guys. It's in an early stage yet, but we are working on it. Watch this space. How it works Nominate one approver per user. Any purchases made by a user with an approver have to go through an additional approval step. Any items can be added to cart, but only approved items can be checked out. When a user tried to check out a shopping cart it checks for any new unapproved items and sends an email to the nominated approver. The approver can log in, view the list of items and then either approve or cancel the purchase. Users without a nominated approver can check out as usual.
NotesAlpha 1
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